Finally, Fix That Nasty Slice For Good! 
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"Now I’ve taken away the right slice, I’m more consistent and straight; a night and day difference."
Ryan, 35 
3 Kids, Plays Once a Month
"You’re talking about adding 30 yards average for the 3 of us. Everybody wants to add a little distance."
Jay, 40
2 Kids, Plays Twice a Month
"Now instead of going right, I can control it, where I used to feel like I didn’t have any control. The program is definitely worth it; my game’s completely changed"
Cody, 24
New Golfer
Here's What You'll Get With Tour Draw
  • Over 60 minutes of ground-breaking, never-before-seen information on the true reason the golf ball curves.
  • History on how the golf instruction industry has been misleading you for years. This will open up your eyes!
  • Four must-do keys in the setup that work EVERY time.
  • A detailed, step-by-step plan to change that slice into a high draw once and for all (no gimmicks, this works—100% GUARANTEED)
  • Warm-up routine that preps the body and motion for the TOUR DRAW (an often overlooked part of the swing)
  • Drills that are easy to do and will change the ball flight IMMEDIATELY
  • How a simple move with the handle can turn you into a ball-striking machine overnight
  • Plus loads of extras!

Learn the Science Behind Ball Flight

Advancements in technology have uncovered NEW secrets and data, information on the REAL reason the ball curves. Technology like Flightscope, Trackman and Swing Catalyst are unlocking secrets—secrets that are being kept from the general public—until NOW.

Old Ball Flight Laws Vs. New Ball Flight Laws

What we were taught at School years ago has been completely flipped on its head. In fact, we have come to learn that what we thought caused the slice turned out to be just the opposite.

Now this information has only really come to light over the last 24 months. Unfortunately, this information has yet to be made public on a large scale, forcing golfers from all over the globe to continue to be FRUSTRATED and DISCOURAGED.

Hit The Ball Further and Straighter Than You Ever Have!

Once you have access to the PROPER information, fixing a slice is EASY.

And the best part? You can fix that nasty slice with your CURRENT GOLF SWING!

That’s right. It doesn’t require ANY major swing changes (although we give you a few minor suggestions if needed).

Step by Step Process Shows You Exactly How to Play Your Best Golf Ever

Once you’ve experienced the TOUR DRAW system, you’ll wonder how it could be so easy!

Gone are the days of aiming further and further away from the target, overcorrecting your shots, just HOPING to keep your ball in play. With TOUR DRAW, your “hoping” will take a back seat to the confidence your shots truly deserve.

Get The Short Game Series Free Today! With Purchase of Tour Draw.
With the Short Game Series, we will cover
  • The ball position key that ALWAYS puts you in the best position to succeed
  • The correct way to swing back and through (hint: it’s not around the body)
  • How to “slap” the sand for perfect up-and-downs
  • Understanding how to swing the club high to low
  • Why the greenside bunker shot is so misunderstood
  • Proper practice drills to maximize your chipping and putting sessions
  • Step-by-step instruction on having a proper setup
  • The most overlooked part of chipping
100% Money Back Guarantee

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Look back at the end of this season with a sense of pride and accomplishment. End your frustrations, trudging through weeds and scouring the edges of retention ponds, looking for $5 balls you know you’ll never see again.

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